The Record

Joe Paterno Speech

After winning the national championship in 1983 Joe Paterno was invited to give a talk to the Board of Trustees. It was expected that Joe would focus on the achievements of the football team. Instead he talked about the importance of Penn State becoming a world class academic institution.

Thoughts From Players

The night before Joe's funeral, hundreds of former players gathered at the Mount Nittany Club at Beaver Stadium for an evening of fellowship and remembrance. In the standing room only crowd one of the players grabbed the arm of an invited guest whom he knew had no previous experience with the Penn State culture and asked, "Look around this room and tell me what you see." The guest, clearly confused by the question, didn't quite know how to respond. The player then answered his own question, "What you see is a room full of gentlemen. This is Penn State football. This is what Joe Paterno built."