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Summary of Findings:

Jim Clemente

“There is no other way to say it: on the most critical aspects of the Sandusky investigation, the SIC report is a failure. It does a tremendous disservice to Penn State, Joe Paterno, and the victims of Jerry Sandusky.”

~ Jim Clemente, former top FBI profiler

Clemente is a former top FBI profiler and internationally recognized expert in the fields of sex crimes investigations, sex offender behavior, child sexual victimization and child pornography.

As a survivor of child sexual victimization himself (as well as a career federal investigator, former prosecutor, former child sex crimes expert for the FBI and expert witness in the field of child sexual victimization), Clemente is first and foremost concerned about the health, safety and welfare of the children who were victimized by Jerry Sandusky and other offenders. It is Clemente’s hope that his analysis will help educate the public about child sexual victimization.

Clemente based his analysis on a comprehensive review of the Freeh report, grand jury testimony, preliminary hearing testimony, the Sandusky trial transcripts, as well as articles, interviews, and his expertise in the field of child sexual victimization. His expertise was developed over three decades of work and study in the field: first as a prosecutor for the New York City Law Department in the Bronx Family Court, then as an FBI Special Agent on the Joint FBI/NYPD Sexual Exploitation of Children Task Force, followed by more than a decade as a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit and as an expert witness in the field of child sexual victimization.

Clemente concludes that Jerry Sandusky is a “cunning and deliberate child sex offender” and a “fraud of the highest order.” Sandusky presented himself as an advocate for children, a philanthropist, an altruist and community icon. In fact, he was none of those. Though this country has seen many “nice-guy,” “pillar of the community” child sex offenders, few of them are as bold as to create a foundation for children, making a name for themselves as a child advocate, as someone who has dedicated his life to caring for troubled children and as foster and adoptive parent for dozens of children. (Page 52)

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